Terms and Conditions

1 Legitimacy

These General Terms and Conditions are valid under all circumstances for all our products, creations, certificates, licenses, courses, training courses, workshops, in-company courses and all other services and assignments, including all information, knowledge and experience directly or indirectly related thereto. , hereinafter referred to as Product (s). Unless agreed otherwise in writing between the parties, the general terms and conditions of Sound of Life prevail over those of the Customer in their sole capacity as defined below. The mere act of making himself known as a Customer as defined below, counts as an agreement with this provision and this prevalence, unless the Customer expressly revokes this within 14 days after this, by means of a registered letter to Sound of Life.

These conditions mean by:

Customer: The person who, by stating his Name, Address and Residence details, shows that he acknowledges these general terms and conditions and (1) works for or with Sound of Life or is involved in an activity of Sound of Life and / or (2) who intends to process, sell and / or purchase the Product or who actually processes, sells and / or purchases the Product or who has in any other way assumed direct or indirect liability for the processing, sale, purchase or payment of the Product.

Cancellation: The (temporary) cancellation or cancellation by the Customer or Sound of Life.

Sound of Life: All legal entities, communities and networks affiliated directly and indirectly with NALA BV.

Start date: The start and first time of purchase of the Product as notified or confirmed to the participant by letter or email.

Product: All information, products and services with regard to testing, research, education, visions, training, including all knowledge, experience and services, that are directly or indirectly related to it and / or that from or within the context of Sound of Life or one of its predecessors were developed, realized and which may or may not have been processed in automated files.

Price: The rate or price of the Product as stated on a Sound of Life website or on a platform affiliated with Sound of Life, minus any discounts. All amounts stated on this website and in these general terms and conditions are exclusive of VAT.

2 Acceptance

Sound of Life accepts the purchase at the time of receipt of the request and payment from the Customer, unless Sound of Life notifies the Customer in writing or by e-mail. Payment is also understood to mean any payment arrangement that the parties agree with each other.

3 Quotations

Offers are without obligation and Sound of Life is only bound by the Offer if the Offer is signed by the customer within fourteen (14) days and received by Sound of Life.

The prices stated in the Quotation are exclusive of VAT and other government levies, as well as any costs to be incurred in the context of the Agreement, including shipping and handling costs, unless stated otherwise in the Quotation.

4 Communication and delivery

Sound of Life is an internet-driven community organization. It communicates and delivers where possible through and via the internet and social media. The customer is aware of this. Sound of Life delivers the Product, for which the Customer has registered, in accordance with what has been formally indicated, communicated or stated as such by Sound of Life from the start and thereafter for the benefit of the Customer.

4.1 Execution of the Agreement

In the event that the Work is performed at the location of the customer or at a location designated by the customer, the customer shall provide all facilities reasonably desired or required for the performance free of charge.

4.2 Sound of Life is entitled:

  1. To change the communication and / or delivery of the Product in the interim, for reasons of reprogramming of requirements of external bodies and / or for reasons of qualitative improvement of the Product, to be determined entirely at Sound of Life’s discretion.
  2. To change the layout of the Product in terms of content, place and time.
  3. In the event of an insufficient request or purchase or in the event of an insufficiently guaranteed offer of quality by the Customer, canceling the delivery of a Product, or not accepting a request for a Product, all this at Sound of Life’s discretion and to be determined by Sound of Life and to be carried out in whole or in part. Where and insofar as applicable, registered Customers will be notified as soon as possible, after which their obligations will lapse.
  4. To reduce the number of meetings for a possible delivery, education or training, while the price remains the same, with a maximum of the number of meetings to be reduced to a maximum of 20%.
    Increase the group size by a maximum of two Customers in the event of a group delivery, education or training.
  5. In the event of more and / or less work, the parties can only determine changes, additions or corrections to the agreed assignment by further, written agreement. However, if circumstances affecting the customer reasonably require additional work to perform the assignment in accordance with the agreed criteria and standards of Sound of Life, then those circumstances are an integral part of the agreed assignment and Sound of Life will within reason as soon as possible and, insofar as possible, proceed with the execution of the additional work in consultation with the customer. The costs of this additional work are at the expense and risk of the customer.

4.3 Contract, contract duration and implementation period

In the event that a term has been agreed between the customer and Sound of Life in connection with the performance of work, this term is only approximate, unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing. Sound of Life does not offer any guarantee with regard to agreed delivery times and late delivery does not give the customer any right to compensation, dissolution of the agreement or suspension of any obligation towards the customer. Sound of Life’s obligation is a best efforts obligation, the proper fulfillment of which can only be determined and established in fairness.

4.4 Missed delivery

The Customer does not have the automatic right to make up or repeat a missed Product purchase.

4.5 Delivery for the benefit of third parties

Sound of Life can supply or train for or for assessment by third parties. In case of successful purchase, Sound of Life will then request a qualification or diploma from third parties.

5 Legitimation

The Customer is obliged to have a valid proof of identity with him or to make it known at the request of Sound of Life.

6 Payment

Purchase is effected by payment in advance, unless the parties agree otherwise. At the choice of Sound of Life, the customer can pay the Price in one go or in three installments. If the paying Customer is different from the actual participant, the Customer must pay the Price in one go.

6.1 If – after invoicing by Sound of Life – the Customer still wants a payment in installments, Sound of Life can charge 300 Euro for administration costs.

6.2 All amounts are due and payable in advance. Payment must be made before or on the due date indicated on the invoice.

6.3 If – after invoicing by Sound of Life – the Customer wishes changes that require Sound of Life to produce a new invoice, a minimum of 300 Euro will charge costs for the administration and other activities without justifying itself in detail.

6.4 In the event of a credit, a refund will be made within 14 working days.

7 Payment obligation review

If, as a result of a special circumstance, the Customer cannot or not fully comply with the payment obligation, the Customer can only agree in writing with Sound of Life on a change in the payment arrangement. The written change to the payment arrangement serves as proof of the revised payment arrangement.

8 Late payment

If the Customer does not pay on time, all costs arising from non-payment, plus the statutory interest, will be for the account of the Customer. The default occurs when the payment term is exceeded and / or Sound of Life is forced to send a reminder.

8.1 In the event of late payment, Sound of Life can deny the Customer access to the purchase or to meetings at any time without stating further reasons. By not actually purchasing the Product or not actually attending meetings, no financial obligation of the Customer to Sound of Life will lapse.

8.2 In the event of non-payment, any agreement with the Customer is deemed to have been unilaterally terminated without any notice of default being required. In that case Sound of Life is entitled to charge the total Price to the Customer and to claim it immediately.

9 Right of withdrawal consumers

With the exception of digital products, licenses and subscriptions, you can return the products purchased from Sound of Life, without giving reasons, within 14 days of receipt (right of withdrawal). The shipping costs for the return are borne by the customer.

The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day:

  • on which the item is in your possession.
  • for multiple items in an order, which are delivered separately: on which you received the last item.

You can use the right of withdrawal by contacting welcome@soundoflife.nl for a return form. In your e-mail message, state the invoice number, the product to be returned and the quantity you wish to return.

You can only return the item if the item is complete in – as far as reasonably possible – original condition and factory packaging.

With the application of the right of withdrawal, your payment obligation does not expire. You will have to pay within the specified period. If a credit has arisen due to the return processing in our administration and you have paid for the order in advance with Ideal, we will refund this as soon as possible. The amount will be on your account within a few days, but no later than 30 days after processing the return.

10 Cancellation

Cancellation of Admission, participation, education or training can only be done in writing and preferably by registered mail. The date of the postmark or mail receipt counts as the time of notification of the cancellation. The written confirmation from Sound of Life is the only proof of cancellation and the time of cancellation. The start date of the Admission, participation, education or training is the starting point for the processing and handling of the cancellation.

10.1 In the event of education or training, the Customer is entitled to a statutory cooling-off period of 7 working days upon registration.

10.2 In the event of cancellation of any course or training, the following principles apply:

  1. Up to 6 weeks before the start date of the workshop, education or training, the cancellation costs are 25%.
  2. Up to 4 weeks before the start date of the workshop, education or training, the cancellation costs are 50% of the training costs and 100% of any arrangement costs of the conference center.
  3. Within 4 weeks before the start of the workshop, education or training, the cancellation costs are 100% of the training costs and 100% of any arrangement costs of the conference center.
  4. If, in the opinion of Sound of Life, the place can be taken by another suitable candidate, the full course fee will be refunded minus a minimum of 350 Euro administration costs.

10.3 In the event of cancellation of any in-company processes, the following principles apply:

  1. Up to 8 weeks before the start of the in-company process, no costs will be charged, except for costs already incurred in preparation of the course or training.
  2. Up to 6 weeks before the start of the in-company process, the cancellation costs are 50% of the training costs and 100% of the preparation costs in accordance with the quotation issued.
  3. Within 6 weeks before the start of the in-company process, the cancellation costs are 100% of the full preparation and training costs in accordance with the quotation issued.

10.4 In the event of cancellation of any personal and team coaching, the following principles apply: In case of cancellation within 6 weeks before the start of the appointment: 100% of the costs.

10.5 If the Customer dies or if there are such exceptional circumstances that payment of the cancellation costs would be unacceptable according to standards of reasonableness and fairness, Sound of Life will request that Sound of Life send a motivated request in writing. Sound of Life reserves the right to request written proof. In such a case, the cancellation costs will be limited to 300 Euro administration costs and in addition 100% of the price for the already followed and ongoing parts of the administration, education or training and the non-cancellable arrangement costs of the eventual conference center.

10.6 The cancellation costs are immediately due and payable at all times. Articles 9 and 10 apply accordingly.

11 Ownership and Rights

All rights reserved for all material published or provided by Sound of Life. No part of this publication (s) may be reproduced, stored in an automated database or system, or made public in any form or by any means, electronic, technical or mechanical, by copies, recording or in any other way without the prior written consent of Sound of Life. It is not allowed to directly or indirectly make any material available to third parties without prior written permission from Sound of Life. Where Sound of Life has made use of individual copyright holders with regard to lyrics and / or song lyrics in its communications, it has made every effort – insofar as applicable – to trace these copyright holders. Sound of Life apologizes in advance for any unintended omissions for which it could be responsible and wants to be able to correct any errors in the references in the design communications for its future releases and individual publications by being made aware of them so that they can correct these errors as soon as possible can undo.

12 Corporate identity

Each Product only shows the prescribed Sound of Life corporate identity. Any breach of this condition will result in separate and self-contained damage amounting to the total value of the exploited product. This damage is deemed to have been agreed upon by the mere use of the Product without further conditions. This damage is a fixed amount in itself. Any loss of profits is not settled here and will be charged in full, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. This condition in a general sense serves to secure the ownership and possession of Sound of Life and to guarantee that this ownership and this possession remains clear in communications as such and is not mixed or diluted with the ownership or possession of a third party party without Sound of Life having explicitly agreed to it by means of a registered letter or an agreement intended for that purpose.

13 Liability

Sound of Life has taken out standard liability insurance where necessary. The liability of Sound of Life is in all cases limited to the amount that is paid out under this insurance in the case in question, plus any deductible on this insurance. If the insurance does not provide cover for any reason, Sound of Life’s liability is limited to the amount that Sound of Life has actually charged. The customer acknowledges the applicability of this article regarding liability under all circumstances.

13.1 In the event that Sound of Life is liable, only damage directly caused by Sound of Life’s error is eligible for possible compensation. Consequential loss (including loss of income and business loss) is excluded at all times and under all circumstances.

13.2 Sound of Life is only liable for any errors made by third parties engaged by Sound of Life if Sound of Life could and should have foreseen such errors under all circumstances when engaging these third parties.

13.3 Any claims for compensation must be instituted under penalty of forfeiture within one year after the damage became known.

13.4 The liability scheme under this article does not apply if and insofar as it is in conflict with mandatory rules.

14 Force majeure

Force majeure is understood to mean any circumstance on the basis of which (further) fulfillment of the agreement by Sound of Life cannot reasonably be expected. In the event that Sound of Life is prevented by force majeure from carrying out the deliveries in whole or in part, Sound of Life has the right to suspend the implementation of the Deliveries without judicial intervention or to regard the agreement as dissolved in whole or in part, such at its option and without Sound of Life being obliged to compensate any damage suffered by the customer.

In the event that Sound of Life at the time of the commencement of force majeure has meanwhile partially fulfilled its obligations towards the customer arising from the agreement and has made partial deliveries for the benefit of the customer – and the deliveries already made have independent value – Sound of Life is entitled to invoice the relevant deliveries separately. The customer is then obliged to pay the relevant Sound of Life invoice in full and without any compensation.

15 Name and address details

Name and address data are included in the Sound of Life customer database and are used to keep customers informed about products, courses and training. Sound of Life will manage the personal data it has obtained in the manner prescribed by law. If a Customer indicates that they do not wish to be sent information, this will be immediately respected and this sending will be discontinued immediately.

16 Confidentiality

Sound of Life and the Customer undertake to maintain the confidentiality of all mutually received information, which they can reasonably suspect to be of a confidential nature and / or from which the parties derive any property rights. This in any case includes all Products and Product data. Personal data and information that the parties receive during or in connection with the delivery of the Product or during the training of the Customer will be treated as confidential to each other and to third parties as much as possible.

16.1 Sound of Life’s coaches, mentors, supervisors, and trainers adhere to the guidelines set by EMCC. This concerns the so-called Global Code of Ethics.

17 Amendments to the general terms and conditions

Sound of Life is at all times authorized to make changes to these general terms and conditions. These changes take effect on the announced date of entry into force. Sound of Life will notify the Customer in good time of the changed conditions. If no notification of changes has been made, changes will only come into effect for the Customer as soon as and at the time that the Customer has been notified of the changes. Notification of notification is made in writing via email, social media or by post.

18 Dutch law

 These terms and conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law. Only the Dutch court in Utrecht is competent to settle the disputes that may arise from this.